Fire Sprinkler events

Welcome to Fire Sprinkler Events the on-line information and registration site for meetings, seminars and conferences organised by the British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association…BAFSA.

BAFSA believes that there are significant benefits of incorporating sprinklers into buildings and recognise that the industry has an obligation to provide authoritative, impartial, high quality education in the uses and benefits of fire sprinklers.  We recognise that building control departments, the fire and rescue services, education departments and housing staff all are increasingly interested in learning how sprinklers can provide cost - effective protection of people and property. Attending a BAFSA event will provide a greater understanding of how sprinklers :

- prevent fire deaths 

- reduce damage to property

- protect firefighters 

- reduce the impact of fire on the environment

- provide national resilience and business continuity support

- can qualify for discounted fire insurance premiums

- promote flexibility in building design 

- create ease of compliance with building regulations and fire safety legislation

Sprinkler Conferences

BAFSA works closely with organisations around the UK which are choosing to promote the inclusion of automatic fire sprinklers as a vital part of protecting their communities from fire. BAFSA provides speakers, and where needed expert advice.